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AT&T misleading it’s customers on purpose.

I was at att store few days ago, getting a new sim card for my wife’s phone.
So, i’m standing in line, waiting…

Old dude in front of me (very smart guy for his age) asks a sales rep:

Him: I heard new iPhone came out, what’s new in it?
Her: well, it has a larger screen and a sephire lens.
Him: Is that all that’s new?
Her: Yes (WRONG)
Him: Well, i think i like it, do you have them in stock?
Her: No, wait time is about 4 weeks.
Him: Can I pre-order
Her: NO. You just have to come back in 4 weeks and see if we got any (LIE!!!)
Him: Show me Galaxy S3 then, i want to see it
Her: Here it is!
Him: I work a lot with Excel documents. Can I open these files on iPhone?
Her: No, apple doesn’t support Microsoft files, they won’t open. You need to download special apps for it (LIE, office docs open ok on iPHone). GS3 will open these files out of the box, you don’t need any apps.
Him: I’ll think about it a few days and i’ll be back

So he leaves. Then it’s my turn. I sold my wife’s iPhone 4 and she uses an old Pantech phone. So I was getting a standard size SIM card for next 2 weeks, while we wait for her iPHone 5. Pantech is over 6 years old, GSM phone from Cingular, in very good condition.

Her: wow this phone is so old, but in such good condition
Me: Yes, it was barely used
Her: I don’t even know if it’ll work
Me: Why would it not? It’s a standard GSM phone

There was a store manager standing right there…
Manager: Our new sim cards are all 4G and this phone is 2G, so new SIM cards might not work in this phone (LIE! Data side has nothing to do with GSM standard and how voice gets sent over the network)

Me: I just rolled my eyes, put in a new SIM and left.

I was in total shock! These people don’t know anything and people who don’t know any better believe them and buy what these people sell them.

End of story.

Are they (AT&T) getting paid by Google or Samsung? Or other interested parties to lie on purpose? That’s the question that remains to be answered.

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